Our Story

In a crime-related city like Poptham, there were too many people and private entities that did not use licensing as a brand image of their goods and products. Something has to be done, someone has to stop them! 

Suddenly, 9 pop lovers got together and decided to create the POPBUSTERS “authority”, an entity that intends to dedicate all its passion to the world of pop. They wanted to attract those who share this passion through a great offer of the best licensing products! This is the new lifestyle at Poptham.


Join our digital universe of pop culture and adventure yourself into each product.


POPBUSTERS is an e-commerce store that sells pop culture merchandising for all Europe.  Our range of products does not only extend to all the licensed merchandise, but also extends to exclusive and rare products that a true pop culture geek would “kill” to have.

You can find the biggest brands in the world of superheroes & villains and antiheroes, tv shows & films, gaming, anime, cartoon, music, lifestyle and toys.





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